Tired of Constantly
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It Only Takes 3 steps to
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About us

LEDS Technologies Inc. is a company that designs, develops, installs and licenses its RFID TAC™ tracking solutions with our proprietary Inventory Management Software (AMS) or integrates them with the software that clients have already implemented.


Our miscellaneous electronic controlling devices work
with any conventional RFID readers performing automated inventory tracking of thousands of objects on warehouse floors and shelves, store shelves and  delivering fixed and mobile visibility of items at their locations

Small, inexpensive passive RFID tags are attached to objects
and can be recognized from different distances.

LEDS systems do not require local hardware at each single location.
Every item will be tracked at any storage environment with ability to automatically
control its position and ID.

Company goal is to deliver its patented RFID TAC™ technology,
designed hardware and software as state of the art solutions into real time asset management and item level inventory control for existing and  new  working environment.

How Automated
Management System Works ?

Tired of constantly looking for items?
It only takes three steps to organize your inventory perfectly!


Company suggests complete technological solutions  – hardware and software
to provide customers with fast, completely automated inventory and item tracking.
To ensure these results the company will provide:


Summary of your choice

If you want to get info how our Automated Inventory System can satisfy your business needs - please prepare and send us the short description of your retail store, warehouse etc. environment, total floor size, number of shelves, location zones, levels and zone sizes. What items are stored?

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