The RFID TAC™ technology  has various solutions for the Supply Chain Management, Consumer Goods and Brand Protection, Healthcare, Safety & Security, Defense and other business sectors.

Why our solutions are right for you?

If you just need an occasional update of your inventory – you can use only a handheld reader. If you are losing money and need reliable automated inventory and operations visibility – LEDS we’ll find the right solution for you and you will get!

  • Reducing loss of items
  • Minimizing staff time looking for items
  • Control cost-effective ways of operations
  • Return on investment within first year of implementing LEDS solutions

Save your existing investment in computerized inventory

Using LEDS solutions you will continue to operate with your existing Inventory software. The integrated systems will be able to search real time changes of inventory, receiving and shipping movements sending restocking orders to suppliers.
This improvement saves additionally 15-20% of your staff’s working time.
Suppliers can attach RFID tags to their product and use similar RFID tracking system at their operation.
It shall significantly speed up your receiving process and give suppliers visibility to be ready for next delivery and product expiration control.

Our solutions are cost-effective

Example of a regular store map is: 20 rows – 20 bays – 3 levels – 2 locations on each shelf Annual losses due to misplaced or lost items is about 5-7%, equal to $300K Our price for implementation of LEDS system covering up to 2000 locations is significantly less .

Each one of 2000 daily handled items would be searched for 20 sec to up to 2 min. This means that the system will save user 2000 min daily. It is equal to 4 full time employees with annual salary of $ 120K.

Every pallet that is searched with manual history takes about 1-10 min., comparing to immediate locating. The operators waste half of their time searching for items which adds up to additional $80K annually for three employees. The installation of RFID TAC system will be paid back within first year of implementation.

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