About us

LEDS Technologies Inc. is a company that designs, develops, installs and licenses its RFID TAC™ tracking solutions with our proprietary Inventory Management Software (AMS) or integrates them with the software that clients have already implemented.

Our Management Team

Dr. Eugene Rozumovitch

Dr. Eduard Levin

Roman Malinovskii
Sr. Programmer, MSC

LEDS Technologies are Unique

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) is a common buzzword in the world of RFID, but it is important to understand:
These days, most businesses need to locate their items in real-time, as precisely as possible, no matter how rapidly the items are moving.
The LEDS RTLS solutions are differentiated by the fact that they can automatically track unlimited number of tagged items with satisfying accuracy of location.
Every item with attached inexpensive passive RFID UHF tag will be tracked cost-effectively at any workplace environment to control automatically it’s precise position and ID.

Our Patents

US 7,528,721 B2

Identification and Location of Tagged Articles

US 8,760,520

System and Method for tracking and monitoring Personnel and Equipment

CA 2,969,008

Identification and location of RFID articles

CA 1,254,306

RFID TAC™ - LEDS registered trade-mark